Is homeschooling legal?

Homeschooling has been made easier and more readily available due do the COVID-19 pandemic, but even before this it was legal in the United States to homeschool your children. However, different states do have different requirements, so it is best to view your state’s education agency website for full requirements and necessary milestones by grade level. If you live in Texas, there are hundreds of available resources as Texas is one of the most homeschool “friendly” states. The Texas Homeschool Coalition has some great resources for Texas residents interested in homeschooling, and many other states have such resources as well.

Pre-Made Courses and Programs

While there are dozens of pre-made programs out there, the following are some of the most popular in terms of curriculum, price points, and structure. Remember, the most common draw to schooling outside of “normal” practice is that it can be customized to family style, the child’s learning abilities, and many other factors. 

  • Charlotte Mason– Charlotte Mason curriculum is highly popular due to its unconventional learning methods that focus to teaching a child through life and environment, not just academically. While there is a structured curriculum available, many parents choose to take bits and pieces from this method and apply it to their eclectic curriculum as well.
  • Ambleside Online– Ambleside Online is an online based curriculum that teaches students using the above mentioned Charlotte Mason method. (*NOTE this is an online school with cost associated with its program)
  • Forest Trail Academy– FTA is an online private school backed by the Florida Department of Education that allows for the freedom to homeschool, with many benefits, while offering parents the ability to monitor school work but have curriculum developed by professionals
  • Duolingo– Language learning software, available as browser and APP software, that offers a plethora of different languages in an easy to comprehend method. The software is easy enough for younger students while offering different “levels” for older students as well
  • Abeka– Abeka offers full curriculums as well as the ability to piece together curriculums from their store. While religious based, many parents choose Abeka to purchase workbooks and materials for core subjects, even if they elect to forgo the religious studies.
  • Power HomeSchool– Power Homeschool, and extension of Acellus Academy, allows for parents to choose how and when their children learn at an affordable cost, while taking care of grade and attendance reports. Power homeschool allows for a unique learning experience tailored to a child’s needs while taking the “administrative” stress off parents.

Worksheets and Eclectic Resources

The following websites have worksheets, resources, textbooks, and other things to assist parents who wish to write their own curriculums for their children. Some resources do have limits on free downloads, others require a membership or purchase for certain items. 

  • 123Homeschool4Me– Free printables for various grade and subject levels. This site includes both common core and non for parent choice
  • Confessions of a Homeschooler– This blog/homeschool resource offers various subjects and printables to incorporate into a curriculum
  • The Happy Housewife– Another homeschooling blog offering varying curriculums and printables for different grade levels
  • Starfall(K-3 only)– Starfall offers both free and paid services, and their paid service is extremely cost effective. Early elementary students can learn via games and interactive lessons, and parents will enjoy the Starfall store for multiple resources that are budget friendly for all. There are also quite a few printable resources for paid and free users.
  •– An extensive database of worksheets covering many subjects and grade levels. While the majority of these resources require a subscription, the cost is fairly affordable for the quality of worksheets available.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers– These printable worksheets are created by teachers for teachers and homeschool students. Some worksheets are pay per packet, and as of 2020 there is an allotted amount of free worksheets available as well.