The following links are short historical essays spanning various points in history. While they are free works to read for your enjoyment, they are not to be used for submission anywhere. These essays are my personal assignments over my educational journey that I have enjoyed writing. Most are complete, some are not and they will be denoted with (*) and therefore eventually completed. Again, please do NOT take these for your own.

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This essay focuses on the historiography surrounding United States entry and involvement in World War II. Contending viewpoints of the true beginning of the war for the United States encompasses much historical debate even a near century later. NOTE: This is not my favorite work, however, someone may find its information highly useful.

This essay, written in early 2017 as one of my first undergraduate assignments, focuses on the broad spectrum history that encompasses the Third Reich. You will notice elements of social history as well as military history throughout this work, as not only do I discuss the strategic implications of Hitler’s rise, but also how it affected civilians across Europe. Please note that as this is an earlier work, there are citation errors throughout, as well as some grammatical errors. At this time I have yet to have time to edit or improve this essay but hope to do so in the near future. 

While also an older work, written in 2018, this is by far one of my favourites. Despite the obvious sentence structure issues, the information presented was new to me at the time, and I was fully immersed in it. This work describes the overview of World War I, which solidified its place in world history forever. While we know now the “War to End All Wars” was anything but, for these men, the grand scale of war was unlike anything they had ever experienced. 

NOTE: this essay is incomplete** This essay, though somewhat lengthy, was incredibly eye-opening to research. To not only view the advancement of cryptanalysis, but also strategic thought by the Japanese Imperial Navy was astounding. This work was incredibly challenging to write, but I fully look forward to completing the piece in the future.