My name is Shanae, and I am a 30 year old historian, student of nature, and mommy to an amazing little girl, working as an assistant property manager for a mobile home complex by day, and lazy loaf of bread by night.

While I have struggled with PTSD since childhood I have slowly begun to see what is truly important. I did not grow up in a stable home, nor did I grow up knowing any form of financial stability from that environment. As such I have always “barely made it by”, even well into adulthood. It took me the first decade of my adult life to truly realize I was not living life for myself, but for everyone else and that was a primary reason for my undesirable situation. By recognizing that I was letting my anxiety and fear of literally everything rule my life I have been able to finally forgive those who contributed to my mental instability.

One thing I have learned through my journey is that we are on our own timeline. We should never live our lives on someone else’s ideas of when and how we live or thrive. This revelation led me down a spiritual path I’d never considered before: The Craft. In this journey I have learned more respect for my fellow being and our universe than ever before in western religion. I consider myself having a broad spiritual understanding, and for that I have begun to discover a true peace and acceptance in my life. I have spent the greater part of 2020 on a hard journey of self- forgiveness and discovery for who I want to be. 2021 will see this journey continue, despite hardships, while I grow further.

I have a Bachelors degree in Military History, and am currently pursuing my Masters of Arts in Public History, focusing on both Military History and Museum Studies so as to hopefully find my dream job one day. I love animals, and eventually hope to have my own homestead where I raise my own food(both vegetable and animal). For now, I spend my weekdays working in a fast paced office for a very small property management company, a far change from my fast food days, and weekends are my frantic “catch up” reading days. One day I hope to complete a publish a peice in an academic journal and write a historical fiction novel. Other than crazy aspirations, I am mommy to the most wonderful eight even year old free spirited girl who loves ballet, music, and having tea time with far too many plushed animals.

In late 2020 I began a journey looking inwardly as one cannot be happy or whole around others if they are unhappy with their own self. As such I began exploring different paths in self care and holistic living. I’ve found my home with whole foods, herbs, and herbal teas currently. I feel more at peace than I ever have, and continue to let my soul guide my way.


  • I am a natural redhead, but prefer to keep my hair a cool blonde usually.
  • I’d love a tattoo, but am afraid of needles.
  • My favourite color is green.
  • I love animals and plants, but people are a different story.
  • I am a former equestrian.
  • I hope to live a simple life as a homesteader by the time I am 40.
  • I want to publish an article in an academic journal by 2023.
  • I hope to publish a historical fiction novel by 2025.

2021 GOALS

  • Lose 80 lbs from my start weight
  • Successfully learn confidence in my writing an researching methods.
  • Feel confident in my true self
  • Organize my desk and actually use my planner
  • Complete my two herbalism books
  • Set monthly goals and strive to reach them


ShanaesPlace.com came about after letting my previous domain expire. Here I have found my blogging niche and my own sense of writing to not only share my ups and downs with others but also to really explore my own growing self-identity. After a decade of dabbling in graphic sites(let us not forget the now-defunct GeoCities and horrible Myspace layouts) I have settled upon a blog that will develop wherever the wind takes it.

Currently, Shanae’s Place is hosted by and powdered by OfBlue Hosting and powered by WordPress.

My Fur Babies


Elsa is my precious partner in life. I’d always stated I wasn’t too fond of cats thanks to bad experiences with them in the past. However, the bond I have with Elsa cannot be explained. If one could have a pet as a best friend, it would be this cat. She has been a part of my family since I rescued her in 2015, and she will continue to be for many many years to come. Though excessively prissy, and often snobby Elsa can be the most affectionate cat…when she feels like it.


Remington, most often affectionally called Remi, is an assumed Border Collie/Shepard mix. At the approximate age of 10 weeks I found her at my workplace in below freezing temperatures. I immediately took her to the vet and once she was assessed as having no microchip I took her home. She is now a growing, incredibly loving, and intelligent girl who loves her chewy duck, stealing blankets, and inevitably crushing your legs at bedtime with the force of a concrete wall. Most recently she can be found stuck to my leg while working on her canine good citizenship certification to become a full PTSD dog.