My name is Shanae, and I am a 29 year old historian and mommy, working as an assistant property manager for a large home complex by day, and Batgirl by night.

I struggle with Bipolar Disorder II, which is the more severe classification of Bipolar Disorder on the DSM-5. Living with a lifelong mental illness has allowed me to see the beauty in everyone and many things others may not. I am near completion in my Bachelors of Arts in Military History, and after I hope to study toward a Masters in History. Eventually, I’d enjoy working as a published author in conjunction with some sort of teaching career, but for now, I am content where I am. I am mommy to the most wonderful seven year old free spirited girl who loves ballet, music, and having tea time with far too many plushed animals.


  • My natural hair colour is red, but I dye it brown.
  • I’d love a tattoo, but am afraid of needles.
  • My favourite colour varies between mint, rose, and jade green.
  • I love small dogs but used to be terrified of them.
  • Proud Slytherin
  • I used to compete in equestrian sports

2020 GOALS

  • Lose 100 lbs from my start weight
  • Code my own WordPress design
  • Halfway complete my novella
  • 100% game completion in 6 games(XBOX)
  • Paint living room and bedroom
  • Graduate and begin Teaching!
  • Take 1 real vacation this year!


ShanaesPlace.com came about after letting my previous domain expire. Here I have found my blogging niche and my own sense of writing to not only share my ups and downs with others but also to really explore my own growing self-identity. After a decade of dabbling in graphic sites(let us not forget the now-defunct GeoCities and horrible Myspace layouts) I have settled upon a blog that will develop wherever the wind takes it.

Currently, Shanae’s Place is hosted by and powdered by OfBlue Hosting and powered by WordPress.

My Babies

under construction…