Au Revoir May!

Goodbye May, and good riddance. While not all of the month was completely terrible I wouldn’t want a repeart for sure. It was a trying month, especially toward the end. That being said I’ve decided from now on I will only lightly touch on negatives, and focus primarily on the more positive aspects. It isn’t that I wish to keep all negativity to myself, in fact the opposit as a blog is often somewhat of a diary for most, but honestly there’s just too much damned negativity in the world right now. We don’t need any more than this. So while I will still speak about negative aspects worth mention when it pertains to a situation overall, it’s not something I want to dwell on. Especially considering the strides I’ve gained in processing my mental health issues.

While it’s not something I often talk about, just due to the fact I don’t think it right to shove religion on anyone, no matter what your faith, it’s more obvious with every day that I’m slowly making my way “out of the broom closet” as it were. (You’d be surprised how hipocritical some people are when religion is concerned) I was raised strict protestant christian, however I’ve never agreed with organized religion as I have always felt it too self-serving and political. I do not think a human being has the power to condemn another because they don’t approve of them. After so many years it took a toll and I found myself exploring spirituality to feel “purpose”, as many of us do. It just so happened the ideals of aspects of practitioners using our God-given Earth to its potential really resonated with me, and one thing led to another. While I still don’t have good thoughts on organized religion, I’ve made peace with aspects and found my own path to walk down that I feel gives true purpose while creating an inner peace I desperately needed. However, I am by no means wealthy enough for popular “kits” and journals, espeically considering religions who practice various herbalism and candle rituals like those gorgeous leather journals. So I needed an alternative.

Etsy was there for me in many ways. Bless small businesses for utilizing the platform for all. I’m always one for getting better organized, but have never been able to stick to a planner, and while I’m still not writing and planning daily as I should, I have more “oomph”  to do it thanks to My Life Plans on Etsy. Now, I use her grimoire pages in various sizes as all of my spiritual papers were already in A4/US 8.5X11 size in a binder anyhow, and it made it easier to continue this way. Her shop also sells generic planner insets of all designs, and what is awesome is the cost! You are able to download a multitude of sizes and designs for very little cost. So if you’re someone like me who doesn’t like “prefab” planners I’d definitely recommend taking a look!

Even before this spiritual endeavor I’d had an intense fascination with always having bells on my front door. I assume it was like a security thing due to trauma response. Any time someone was near my door I’d known because the bells would jingle. Anyhow, I’d usually hit up the local dollar store and get a $1 felt door hanger for whatever holiday season it happened to be and take it home to put my own spin on it, but this time there were none to be found! So in spending way too much time on other blogs learning and reading about how creative some others are, and how much it has helped their mental health I decided to give it a shot, and this was the result with some random stuff I had laying around the apartment (also yall ignore that little mess. I’m still trying to find storage solutions :lol:). Please be gentle, it’s my first time ever trying to make a home craft. While I’m content with it, and it is certainly on my front door knob now, I figured out where I need improvement if I want to craft other home decor. It was pretty fun though, despite covering myself in hot glue because I’ve never learned to craft xD

May 2021 Review

  • * I’ve nearly organized everything in my new apartment, but still lack bookshelves.
  • * Green Thumb Award– I finally kept a plant alive, ya’ll. So far at least. I didn’t think it was possible but my gorgeous hanging White Anne is still living after being around me for a month!
  • * Never compromise who you are for someone. Ever.
  • * It’s already hot AF in Texas
  • * I decided on a new iMac…now to just save the fortune it costs to get one. $1,300USD is an excessive amount for my broke ass.


In the Hell of Auschwitz– Judith Sternberg Newman (BOOK)

The Modern Herbal DispensatoryThomas Easley | Steven Horne (BOOK)

* A Twisted Tale- Various Authors- Disney Publishing (BOOK SERIES **for adult/14+/not young children!)



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  1. Meep

    I totally agree with you about religion/spirituality! I don’t know that I’m ready to express my religious beliefs online, but even though you and I have different religions, we’re totally on the same page about how you should treat others.

    I’m glad you’re finding the strength to come out of the broom closet! It’s just awful to have to hide who you are away from the world because some people are judgemental and hypocritical. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!

    P.S. I also get hot glue all over the place when I try to craft, lol.

    1. Shanae

      I am a terrible artist unless its the printed word but I’m trying because of the level of relaxation it gives me…even if I do look like an extra from a B horror flick when I’m done 😆

      Thank you for stopping by! <3

      1. Meep

        I’m an awful crafter. I’m the type that gets glitter on things even when I don’t have any/wasn’t working with any glitter, lol!

  2. Michelle

    I’m a Buddhist or rather I’m still seeking out my own spirituality/religion though it is tricky. Glad you were able to find something that works for you.

    1. Shanae

      Everything about spirituality/religion, no matter what path you take on it, is tricky. I admire your tenacity in studying buddhism, as it is such a rewarding, but strict religion. I’ve always admired the self discipline of buddhists honestly. I wish you luck in your journey 🙂

  3. Tiffany

    I think the pushy aspect is always the worst when it comes to religion, and the bad part is most people who are being pushy don’t even realize that they are being pushy. I remember my friend was being preached at, and she told him she didn’t like how pushy he was, and he didn’t think he was at all pushy. As someone who has trouble keeping house plants alive, congrats!

    1. Shanae

      I feel the same honestly. It’s that pushy self-righteous attitude that pushes a lot of people away from spirituality and religion in general.
      Also, as of today both houseplants are still alive!

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