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Wow! What is this? TWO posts in sucession in a timely manner!? Yes, that’s correct. Hopefully I am finally getting my sh*t together, and getting back to the things I love. While I have yet to take photos of my new apartment (mostly due to laziness and the fact I still have books laying everywhere due to no bookshelf) I can fully state I am so much happier in so many ways. I have even added some of the historical essay content, and while the works listed are not extremely recent, they are a decent, while still time conscious, read overall. Due to their age, I will fully admit if you venture down my historical rabbit hole you will find certain gramatical errors, as well as a few citation errors if you’re well-versed in Turabian format. However, if you’re a history buff, especially military hsitory, you’ll get some enjoyment out of them. If you happen to like discussions, comments are turned on for discussion over topics so long as all participants remain respectful of everyone.

When the weather is nice, I have been trying to take Em out camping more. Not only does she enjoy getting to run around with all the freedom it brings, but it is extremely beneficial to my mental health. It’s tiring, but a good kind of tired if that makes sense to you. The photo to the left is my kiddo and her two friends on a short hike we did at the state park just outside of town, with my sweet Remington photobombing of course. While it’s not much to look at scenery-wise, the terrain was incredibly easy and relaxing! Definitely something we need to do more often! 

Let's Review

  • January through April royally sucked. I can honestly say I have never been tried as much as the last 6 months have tried me. As a result I discovered I am one hell of a strong person. So. Positive!
  • I moved into a frankly quite nice apartment for my price range of “single working household member with kid so I’m broke AF” and I am pleasantly surprised at my experience thus far.
  • I started my savings for eventually being able to afford a macbook or basic iMac in the future.
  •  I learned soup cans are a fully acceptable method of working out if they’re heavy enough xD


  • Holocaust Memoirs of a Bergen Belsen Survivor This book, heartwrenching as it is, is a first-hand experience of Nanette Blitz Konig during her period of struggle and survival at the hands of the Nazi’s. Nanette was a classmate of Anne Frank before the war, and was reunited with Anne in Bergen-Belsen shortly before Anne’s death.
  • Duolingo- By this point I am fairly sure the masses have heard of, or used the Duolingo language learning app. I can honestly say I am quite satisfied with it’s basic and easy nature. The available languages are plenty, and the ease of use even allows me to have my eight year old daughter use it for her language learning curriculum. 

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  1. Kadie

    Hey Shanae,

    I am glad to hear you are much happier! That’s good to hear. I will have to take a look at your historical essays. I am a huge lover of history. I actually really want to read the book your recommended also.

    I visited Dachau when I lived in Germany when I was younger. My father is ex-military and we were posted there in the mid-’80s to early ’90s. My parents took me all over Europe (well the western part) and it’s instilled a love of history in me ever since my mom’s high school history teacher sat me down at 6 years old and explained (some) of what I would see at Dachau so I would understand but not be overly traumatized.

    Camping with your daughter sounds like a lot of fun. My family has always been big on camping and being outdoors. We love hiking, camping, and geocaching among other things. It’s a lot of fun. I am glad you guys enjoy it as well!

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