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2019: In Review

It is now the time for the obligatory “Year In Review” and 2019 definitely gave me quite a bit to look back on, both in a positive and negative light. I can honestly say the year really tested me at many points, but the end result of a confirmation who I want to be in life, and what I will and will not permit in my life. Let’s first focus on the positives, as they are what I will take with me throughout 2020.

2019: Positives // 2019 Negatives

  • January 2019 saw me come into my own within my job (at the time) and turn a failing small business around for a wonderful owner whom I still think of fondly as he taught me many things I still apply to my life a year later. My sweet Emz celebrated her 6th birthday in February and completed her first year of school swimmingly in her homeschool curriculum.
  • The Spring of 2019 brought many changes as I elected to move back to my hometown in order to allow Emz to see her dad more, and allow me to really grow in a semi-familiar setting. We purchased our first home, a “fixer-upper” through a local property company. We have yet to “fix ‘er up” but at least have developed ideas and come to an agreement in many things we’d like to do this coming spring.
  • Fall and Winter brought me to a positive workplace and back into property management as an assistant manager to a wonderful, albeit a bit neurotic, manager who is coming into her own with me at her heels. I currently enjoy the fast-paced work environment and am looking forward to what the new year brings at work.
  • Finally, right after Christmas my Emz dad met with me and signed for me to purchase my first brand new vehicle. I am the proud owner of a black 2019 Nissan Kicks, which is just a very small SUV, probably no bigger than a 4-door sedan, but I am in love with it. If only I could get my husband to stop trying to name it “Normandy SR2” and get a red stripe decal on it, which is a reference from one of my favourite video game series.
  • March 2019 led me to leave my workplace of 2 1/2 years and move an hour and a half away back to the city in which I spent the latter part of my teen years and most of my adult life.
  • Intermittently, from March 2019 to November 2019 I worked as a manager at a fast-food taco shop. It was the worst job I have ever had to date. Everything about it was completely awful.
  • My husband lost his job in November 2019 and was out of work for over a month, which effectively drained what little savings we had and we actually went so far as to have utilities disconnected until right after Christmas.
  • My husband’s new job is only part-time and pays barely above our state minimum wage. He has yet to recieve phone calls from recent resume and application submissions. However, we are still ever hopeful, and are making due with my wages from my new place of employment. Still, it will be lovely to be able to put funds into savings once more.
  • My little blue car finally gave me so much trouble and the repair costs were so high it was time to get another vehicle.
  • Also, in November I lost my grandmother. While we weren’t particularly close the last few years, I still have very fond memories of her throughout life. It was much harder on me than I expected.

All in all 2019 may have brought more drama than I care to recount, and many many hardships for me, it also brought many wonderful things that are pushing me into a hopeful 2020. I’d like to forget 2019 as a collective whole, as it was quite a low point for me overall, but there are items that I will carry with me in life, including the self-discovery I made this year. Through the hardships, I learned that I am a much stronger individual than I ever expected myself to be. I also realized what I expect of myself, as well as what I expect of others in life. I know many of my goals did not get accomplished, but that has led me to be even more insistent that this year all will be completed and much more. I also aim to be more organized and utilize my technology to my advantage this year. First and foremost I will create a space within my home that is mine and mine alone. Of course my home will also take precedence in my thoughts as I have decided exactly how I’d like to improve many things. I am excited to see what 2020 brings in my life, and more hopeful than I have been in many years.

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